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Uniformity calibration and screen alignment

1 This brings you up to 99 % color and brightness uniformity, pixel-by-pixel brightness and color high-precision calibration, real-time alignment after cluster replacement, no external equipment needed for alignment, alignment of screens with different pixel pitch and LED batch.

Intelligent Cluster architecture

2 The advantages are perfect image quality at low brightness, high performance and no artifacts while shooting, hot-swap cluster replacement, remote cluster and module diagnostics with instant screen monitoring.

TRUE-ERMAC video processing

3 With ERMAC video processing you get 4K resolution support, multilayer video mixing, scaling, cropping and lots of other integrated functions, real-time image properties control with easy-to-use software, smooth processing of high-definition video, low latency, full range of frame rates support, from 30 Hz to 120 Hz.

The automatic self-test in each module

4 The built-in intelligent system of monitoring and the proactive protection that runs diagnostics of all the module’s essential operational characteristics. In case of variations in the parameters of the equipment, the system alerts the manager of the service center, who can receive all the necessary data remotely in real time, and in emergency situations - automatically disable the problematic modules or the entire video screen to prevent breakdowns.

Resistance to voltage drops

5 True performance LED displays operate smoothly in a wide range of AC phase voltage from 92 to 264 V. The professional stabilization system used in the power supplies ensures the protection of all its components from failure during voltage drops.

Special secure communications protocols

6 The transmission of information between the host computer and video display is carried out by True performance specially developed secure protocol. The data transmission between the modules takes place with a high level of encryption, which eliminates extraneous interference in the work of video system. This is especially important for mission-critical applications, such as voting systems, situational and control centers, airports, traffic control systems, TV, outdoor advertising, and others.

Remote monitoring of display performance

7 Diagnostics and feedback systems enable remote control of the video display, including a visual, using a video camera, and managing its settings from any location in the world.

Shock protection

8 Each module of True performance LED outdoor displays have a protective plastic grid, which protects the front surface of the LED video wall from external physical impacts, such as thrown bottles, stones, and other objects, it also increases the contrast of the display under the sun.


9 Plastic elements of displays have mandatory protection from ultraviolet radiation. They protect the structure of the material from physical damage and greatly increase its strength. UV-protection prevents burnout of black color on the front surface of the video wall. It impedes decrease of contrast.

Maximum service life of True performance power units

10 True performance displays are supplied with industrial power units produced by True performance with a lifetime of more than ten years. In manufacturing power units, we use electrolytic capacitors of the highest level and quality.

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