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TRUE performance - part of EKTA group - is a turn-key solution provider with more than 25 years of experience in audio/visual solutions. TRUE performance was founded by a highly experienced team from LED display industry. Considering R&D, engineers, sales, technical support. Team has tremendous experience in LED industry and participated in many projects. TRUE performance is different from other standard LED screens manufacturers because of the TRUE performance screens architecture, design and processing powered by ERMAC. The processing True performance provides is on the market for 27 years and was founded in 1992. As a leader in state-of-the-art LED display and lighting solutions – True Performance GmbH develops, manufactures and provides equipment for a variety of markets including DOOH media, TV and broadcasting studios, shopping and entertainment, corporate and finance sectors, sports, and transportation.

True performance’s R&D and manufacturing facilities are in Europe. The company has excellent execution capabilities and peak customization capacities to perform LED solutions in the best way possible, ensuring steadfast service and support. True performance has accumulated tremendous experience in the implementation of fixed LED installations and application of True performance hi-end equipment allowing True performance to suit any customer preferences.

The main advantage of True performance products is unrivalled reliability. The company’s quality control system works under the principle of Total Quality Management, providing fault-free equipment operation throughout the entire lifetime due to the high IP protection level, robust, reliable module frame, and unique pre-sale testing system.

Another essential feature of True performance product range is technological superiority. Due to the company’s know-hows – Uniformity² calibration and screen alignment as well as to the intelligent cluster architecture, True performance’s LED displays ensure brilliant picture at any brightness level.

The next advantage of True performance is reasonable price. LED solution is the excellent quality and even when you are on a budget, you can get technological superiority for a sensible price.

True performance makes a video wall of any size and shape as a fixed installation or mobile, indoor or outdoor helping to make any creative ideas real. The professional team provides well suited LED solution, considering customers’ current needs, overall requirements and performance priorities.

To get the detailed information about the full list of services, visit our website section products or call our experts to answer any questions you have.

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