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Estimating optimal viewing distance and display size

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The viewing distance on a led screen is defined as the correct distance so that our eyes generate a clear and defined vision of what is being reproduced.

A LED screen is formed by points of light, these points can be separated by several millimetres, which is what we call pixel pitch (PP). The technology of LED screens allows us to choose between different pixel pitches, which is why the viewing distance has been taken as a reference to choose the correct pixel pitch for the screen we want to purchase.

Viewing distance does not exclusively define the pixel pitch (PP) we need, since it also has to go in accordance with the total size of the screen. The smaller the screen’s pixel pitch, the more LEDs we have to add per square meter to have a good resolution. On the contrary, with larger screens we can use larger pixel pitches.

Click on the person and move it, to choose the viewing distance

Distance from screen   m     ft

Recomended Pixel Pitch based on distance

Maximum Pixel Pitch

Optimized Pixel Pitch



In order to select the right Pixelpitch for your application, the following Rule can be applied: Pixelpitch im mm = Minimum Viewing Distance in m.

In practice this means: If the First spectators, who have to perceive the complete picture on the Screen without recognizing separate LEDs, will be placed in about 2 m distance of the Screen, the recommended Pixelpitch for your application will be 2,0 mm at maximum - Other spectators have an accordingly wider average viewing distance.

Other Example: 6 m Minimum Viewing Distance = Maximum 6-7 mm Pixelpitch (recommended) Average Viewing distance will be accordingly wider.

This is a formulated calculation of the distance in meters for optimal viewing = Pixel Pitch x 2.

Any additional requirements to the Control System, that must be implemented into the Screen Configuration, require the assistance of a True Performance sales manager.

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